One of our goals at MCC is to increase and improve our volunteer base and Board Members.  This means we are looking for volunteers who are willing to donate a couple hours to MCC here and there.  There are many little jobs and activities that need to be cared for at MCC and just not enough time in the day for our small board and office manager to complete.  Anyone interested in volunteering should send an email to mccmail@frontier.com or call our volunteer coordinator, Ellen Westfall at (208) 264-5273.  They may also contact the office at (208) 264-5481.  We also have a Volunteer Luncheon in the Spring where current and past volunteers are invited to an appreciation event where they can meet and greet as well as discuss improvements, change their volunteer roles, sign up for new assignments.   Volunteering is a great way to learn more about our organization and perhaps you will maybe even want to become a part of our team and serve on the Board.

You don’t have to live in Hope to help. We welcome all hands…and dollars. We have no shortage of ambitious ideas to offer local residents, just a shortage of volunteers to make them all happen. Your aid and energy will be put to great use. And be greatly appreciated.

Light is the task where many share the toil.

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